SpinTV TIPS: Putt like a World Champion with Paul McBeth

Want to sink putts like the McBeast? Check out this video with 2012 Disc Golf World Champion Paul McBeth showcasing his putting style.

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4 comments on “SpinTV TIPS: Putt like a World Champion with Paul McBeth”

  1. P Reply

    Would be nice to know what you/he do with the spin and wrist instead of…. well didnt really learned anything more than how you hold and your stands… some wrist and spin tips please :)

    • Janne Reply

      Thanks for the feedback. Paul uses push putt, so he would not necessarily be the best person to give advice about spin putting. A good resource about both putting techniques can be found in the Discmania Deep in the Game series:


      • P Reply

        I know he does, but some spin must be there? I just wonder how he do with his wrist when he putts, im struggle with My putt right now. And the deep in the game dont cover the wrist part either or how you put the spin without turning the disc to the right of the basket. They are all really nice videos but not enough for My problems hehe. Keep up the awsome work guys!!

  2. Pete Walter Reply

    Looks like repetition is helpful

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