Save Järva! A Järva DiscGolfPark special feature

Järva DiscGolfPark in Stockholm, Sweden is known as one of the best designed and kept Disc Golf courses in the World. During the 2014 Disc Golf European Masters we sent James Thomas on a mission to figure out what it is that makes this place so special.

Fast forward to November 2014: Järva DiscGolfPark is under a threat of being shut down with plans to build cemetery on the area. While the situation is not completely new, it may very well be worse than ever. The good news is that you can help. Here’s how:

1. Share this video
– Let’s make sure everyone in and outside the Disc Golf community hears this important message

2. Sign this petition
– Show your support for the preservation of Järva DGP in a form politicians can understand. Every signature counts.

3. Write an email to Stockholm city planning office
– Let your voice be heard. This is the best way you can help. Share your thoughts and possible experiences of the Järva DiscGolfPark and explain why you think the area should be reserved for the living instead of the dead. Send an email to stadsbyggnadskontoret[at] by December 16th. Enter registration number (diarienummer) 2006-16107.

For more information about Järva, please visit:


The SpinTV presents: Save Järva! A Järva DiscGolfPark special feature

Produced by: James Thomas with Esa Arokki and Juho Pelttari

Made possible by Innova Champion Discs

Copyright TheSpinTV 2014

4 comments on “Save Järva! A Järva DiscGolfPark special feature”

  1. Jukka Autio Reply

    I really hope that in future we can keep on playing there. Best course !

  2. Lawrence Adams Reply

    Please leave disc golf alone. They work so hard to make great course. Stop lazy city invade because course is neat and trimming.

  3. Timo Kainulainen Reply

    järva DiscGolfPark was amazing. It’s great place for tourists from Finland to go and play this game. Highlight of the frisbeegolf season for sure.

  4. Natalie Winkelbeiner Reply

    save järva! it is the best course in Europe. Järva shows you what it means when People speak about Discgolf. So many Discgolfers visit Stockhom every year only to play this fantastic course. We need to save Järva for all the players arround the World, it is very Important for our Sport. Come and play a round and you will See what we mean.

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