Meet Holly Finley – The Duchess of Disc Golf

In this SpinTV special feature we get to know Holly Finley – The Duchess of Disc Golf. Holly is an international fashion model and crazy about Disc Golf. She is an inspiration for everyone out there to try out the great game of Disc Golf. Holly also played her rookie season in Pro Female Open division on the 2013 PDGA Tour and we bet we will see a lot more of Holly in the coming years!

Check out Holly’s In My Bag video here:

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SpinTV takes you into the lives of the makers and shakers of Disc Golf. What they do outside the course. This HD-quality video was shot in February 2013.

Thanks to Umphrey’s McGee for their great song “Booth Love” as the soundtrack! Pick it up here!

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Producer: Esa Arokki

8 comments on “Meet Holly Finley – The Duchess of Disc Golf”

  1. Susan Leonard Reply

    Loved this! I am and always have been very proud of you. Love you!

  2. Lori Reply

    Fantastic video Holly! I like your inclusiveness and connectedness with people and nature. Thanks for being such a great spokesperson for this wonderful sport of disc golf!

  3. Austin James Annable Reply

    Haha Wisconsin, thats up north, Should of moved to Minnesota

  4. Harry Key (Fire) Reply

    I like, love and support disc golf and Holly Finley. She is a great ambassador besides being a climbing force is the PDGA. I respect and love how inspiring she is, especially taking DG to African kids / adults and spreading the knowledge of our great sport. I have been lucky enough to befriend Holly and she is a exceptionally sweet and poised , besides having a great humor to her. I am quite a crazy character and she is sweet enough to humor me as a friend then she has to have patience of an angel, haha. I am so glad that I can call her a friend and was able to see her enter and rise to the top so quickly and make a positive impact on the sport I am new at but love so much. For her to have completed so many events, get so many points besides cashing at events and winning or placing along with her tenacious spirit of sportsmanship and after facing adversity with some challenges besides the course itself, I am so proud and supportive of her . I hope to see more from her in 2014, bigger and better things. Congrats to her on winning the all of the awards she has earned in 2013 and cant wait to see her explode and climb upward in 2014. Best luck and best wishes always to Miss Holly Finley . :) …….I LOVE DISC GOLF ! <3 Fire

  5. ricky wade Reply

    Cool vid! Way to #growthesport of #discgolf Holly!

  6. martin v scholz Reply

    you are living the ultimate dream girl !

  7. BJ Etheridge Reply

    I’ve been playing since 1975 and am excited to see new, young players learning and promoting the sport. It’s a sport you can play your whole life. Keep it up Holly.

  8. Jamie Bueter Reply

    That’s a well produced video! The video quality is as stunning as you are! (almost)

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