Disc Golf European 2015 – Finnish YLE TV2 National TV Broadcast (International simulcast)

See the crowning moments of Disc Golf European Open 2015, as presented live on Finnish National TV on Sunday, July 17th by YLE TV2.

This 84-minute program brings you the action from the last 3 holes of the final by top 3 mens groups and the lead group of FPO. In addition to the live action, you’ll see plenty of interviews and some top shots from the whole tournament week.

This international simulcast program is hosted by Jamie Thomas and the 2009 disc golf world champion Avery Jenkins.

Don’t miss this high quality production with camera angles never before seen in disc golf!

The original version with Finnish commentary can be found at YLE Areena ->

Produced by: The Spin18 Ltd. & YLE Urheilu.

Technical production: Mediatec Broadcasting Finland & Yle Sport.

Made possible by: Innova Champion Discs

© The Spin18 Ltd. 2015

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