SpinTV PICKS: Epic Disc Golf Battle

In this SpinTV Pick, Brodie Smith catches up with Avery Jenkins and Simon Lizotte in Dallas for an all new Epic Disc Go […]

SpinTV PICKS: The Good, The Bad, and The Pretty

Disc Golf meets the Old West in this production from Powergrip featuring Janne Hirsimäki, Juho Parviainen, and Jenni E […]

SpinTV PICKS: Disc Golf Matters

The new SpinTV Pick is a documentary style video from Matthew Robertson who chose Disc Golf as a project for cinema cla […]

SpinTV PICKS: Aussie Open Highlight Reel

SpinTV PICKS: 213ultimate – Aussie Open Highlights
A dedicated and talented SpinTV fan, 213ultimate, composed th […]

SpinTV PICKS: Epic Winter Disc Golf

SpinTV PICKS: The Average Men II – Epic Winter Disc Golf
Enjoy this Disc golf related short film / short documen […]

POTW: McBeast challenges Brodie Smith

Our Pick for this week is Paul McBeth’s mystery message to Brodie Smith. Is this a challenge? Will we see more vi […]

POTW: In the Bag with Nate Sexton

Our Pick of the Week is an “In The Bag” featuring Nate Sexton produced by Triangle Chain Posse. Nate had 7 […]

POTW: San Fancisco Safari – HyzerCinema

We have a new POTW from Jamie Thomas/HyzerCinema Productions featuring all 22 holes of the 2014 San Francisco Safari Fi […]