I have pretty simple bag what becomes to the discs. I throw all Discmania. I mainly throw new stuff, but I like to putt with my soft and sticky first run P2s. They´re around 4 years old. My main go-to driver changed after we released FD. It´s just great all-a-round driver. I also like my C-line PDs alot.

2 First Run D-line P2s (171 gram)
3 D-line P2s (175)
2-3 Flat C-line MD2s (178-180)
2 C-line MD3 (179-180)
3 C-line FD (171-175)
2 First Run C-line PDs (175)
1 S-line PD (175)
2 First Run C-line PD2s (175)
1 Blizzard C-line DD2 (167)
1 C-line DD2 (172)

On Deck (casual rounds):
C-line P3
Proto C-line MD3
S-line TD2

3 comments on “IN THE BAG”

  1. Antton Lämsä Reply

    Hi Jussi!

    What runs are your FDs?

    • Jussi Reply

      I use both first run and third run FDs. First run FDs are domy and has a tremendeous glide.

      • Antton Lämsä Reply

        Nice. Have you dropped the TD from your bag because of the FD?

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