Putting Routine

To become a better putter it definitely comes down to keeping your technique simple, finding a consistent routine and committing to dedicated practice. It starts with a solid base and wide balanced stance when lining up the putt, shifting your weight, extending your arm & hand towards the basket, reaching for the chains with a clean release and always following through.

Focus on really locking down a wide balance stance and minimizing any unnecessary body movements. Next you must concentrate on shifting your body weight from back to front, keeping on your toes and pushing with your legs. Use your body shift to produce power while driving and extending your arm forward towards the basket and lifting your back leg to maintain that balance without falling forward. You must really reach for the basket with a clean release and always remember that the disc goes where the hand goes as you reach for the center of the chains.

It’s important to find a routine that works the best for you and commitment to dedicated practice sessions in order to develop a consistent, predictable Putt that will put you in position to win Disc Golf Tournaments in the future!

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