Hey Avery

I would recommend that you try one of the new Champion or Star Terns, they are very easy to throw and they go a long ways. You might ask yourself why I didn’t just say get an Avery Jenkins Star Destroyer… that’s because it’s not a disc that every player can handle as it’s more of a disc for professionals or players with lots arm speed.

But if you are feeling that the Tern is just a little too under stable for you, then of course I would recommend the Star Destroyer because of it’s predictable flight characteristics and tremendous glide. It’s not the fastest disc on the market but it’s a disc that you can count on. Or it might be best to try out some other player’s discs and see how their discs fly before buying one of your own.

You ultimately want to find a disc that continues to carry forward throughout the entire flight of the disc without fading or turning too hard at the end. The greater the carry, the greater the distance down the fairway.

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  1. Kasey Reply

    Thanks for the advice! I actually did pick up a Tern already (and a destroyer) and I am LOVING the Tern for long controlled shots. I have mastered the Hyzer flip and now can launch the Tern over 450, which I could never do before. The Destroyer I love, but not for huge distance yet. I can throw it consistently around 300, it loves to hyzer. So i use it for holes that need a lot of hyzer at the end, or if i feel like taking a hyzer route. My accuracy has improved a ton, and it was because I slowed down my approach on the tee pad and concentrated more.

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