Am I ready for Speed 13?

That’s a great question! I notice that a lot of players want to throw the fastest discs available because they really think that it will give that added distance, which it will sometimes but it can also sacrifice some accuracy as well.

I definitely think that you should at least try out a Speed 13 Driver because you may really like it and it might be just what you’re looking for to add to your game at this point. But always realize that the name of the game is keeping the drives down the middle of the fairway, I would always prefer to be slightly shorter in the fairway than longer in the rough.

When selecting a Distance Driver, it’s about finding a disc that offers a great combination of speed, glide, consistent flight and accuracy. For me and several other top professional players, the speed 12 Destroyer is the Distance Driver of choice because it provides all of the attributes along with great feel in the hand.

Sure, there are faster Discs on the market but the consistent flight and controllability of the Destroyer make it a disc that you can always count on for those long distance and accurate shots.

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